And I ask myself, what is the meaning of this kind of work I am busy and occupied with and which is called art? For me, it is the tool for being fulfilled and expresses my inner understanding of events, the experiences of life energy. The place where I am standing and creating, no matter when or where, transforms itself into a temple, for I stand before that work with utmost respect and reverence. Within the process of achieving order in the midst of chaos, by trying to get the right answers, I inhale with every single cell in my being, from the energy of the cosmos, from my consciousness and my subconscious, the information that helps me to complete my artwork. And sometimes the body does not see but the soul which leads it - can. And the observation sometimes touches something that does not exist - and yet it does. And the unseen borders are moving, following me to the place I am going towards demanding the full transformation of myself.
In this kind of experience, in this kind of dialogue between me and my creation, there is no place for a lie.This is a moment of truth. The essence of my holy attitude arises from the core of inner responsibility to create a reliable artwork, because the final result is my personal seal, my claendar, a commentary to the big puzzle, to the scroll I am walking on and which teaches me and takes me closer to my truth, to the origin, to knowing and applying this alliance with myself.
This self-covenant was made out of free choice and goes back to the roots of my inner understanding. This is the only commitment that carries freedom. And when I reached the beginning of this acknowledgment, this knowing what my truth is, I knew I had come out "from the desert" to start the journey towards the legacy, the journey that brings an end to the wandering and shows the way. By the ever-changing desert and its eternal cycles I am blessed and have the privilege to express the transofrmations which help me locate myself in the continuous process of creation. And from the heart of my being, in the center of that creation where the reflections of all the souls are present, I am offering you my art.


And regarding the story beyond the story of the creation of the cards:
two years ago while observing the photographs of my works, I discovered through the image of my work that already has a form, a content and a meaning - a different picture. My personal works, in my own private-intimate-individual language, were suddenly talking to me in the language of the universe. 
An extraordinary meeting with a spiritual teacher - Sapna Rahasya- inspired in me the curiosity to look into the images of my art. The drive to understand my works from another dimension led to a research that later transformed a part of my own being, reflected in my art, into a universal rythm.
I felt perhaps like that man from the caves, that first artist, who dipped his hands in the earth and sealed the walls.
And, through signs and symbols, his arts tells us the story of the umanity that was, that still exists.
A language is born and a language gets destroyed, but there is one timeless language that can express the beginning, the infinite and what comes in between them: the energy of life. This is the language of the script picture which also contains, beyond the form, the vibrations of sound and light, a language which can express the sensations and experiences of the soul, a language which connects the procreation of all human beings and the summary of all times.
...And that is how I began my individual journey, along with my ancesters and guides, leading the way to the creation of "secrets and knowledge" -the writing of the 42 cards from bondage to freedom.

dvora weisz