Photography by: Eyal Weisz
The above creation includes selected mixed media art works of mine translated and transformed by me into a new form of art to use. It involves a book and 42 cards of teachings, from the heart of art to the heart of men. Those works have been created in the period of 5 years (93 - 98) and shown in exibitions in Israel, Italy and Thailand.

The book and the 42 cards (5" BY 7") are assembeled inside a velvet pouch, protected by 2 recycled paper boxes; a world into a world into a world into a world...

My works of art are interwoven within 22 cards representing 22 cosmic laws and 20 cards representing the four elements of earth - air - water and fire (based on the tarot and the tree of life of the kabbala) including the seven chakras.

Along with it comes a guide in the model of a game one out of many suggestions to assist with the reader while experiencing the dimensions encountered in the path of "secrets and knowledge" when touching, studying, meditating and playing with the cards.

I wish for the reader and the player to interwine both, the philosophical and the pratical aspects of my creation and through the core of inner power and understanding to grow the abilities to experience life with peace and joy being in the essence of truth.

dvora weisz

"Secrets and knowledge" from the desert: a kit of artistic cards based on the concept of the tarot, to be used as an instrument and medium to be worked individually or in association with a terapist or with any person with whom an intimate dialogue is possible.

The cards are a point of departure for this inner dialogue, and, through the game of chance, they allow us to make creative observations and decipher messages in all forms of consciousness.

There is no  suggestion here of prediction or guess-work but the possibility to work with a tool, a language, which, through abstract pictures and images, becomes a mean of expression and communication.

This language awakens life forces in us such as: intuition, concentration, attentions and mindsets. It gives us focus and clarity about inner occurences and life courses that lead usto ask questions in every day life about our existence and ourselves.

The uniqueness of these cards lies in how they can initiate a dialog in a practical way on two levels: between the individual and himself, and, on a wider level, between the individual and others. These cards represent an opportunity for communication that is thrutful, important and valuable.

varda genosar
exhibition curator-poet /israel


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